Understanding The Four Elementary Dimensions of Natural Wellness

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Wellness is described as a lively process of getting aware of your health needs and making decisions towards a satisfying life. Wellness matters because sustaining a fine level of wellness is important towards living a better life. It also matters because almost everything you do, including the emotions you feel, relates to your well-being. This affects your actions and emotions in turn. The five basic wellness dimensions are explained below:

Emotional wellness

This involves getting aware of and accepting one's feelings. It includes the extent to which one feels positive and passionate about one's self. It also involves having the ability to manage one's feelings and all the related behaviours including assessing one's limits plus the ability to deal with stress. The positivity of this dimension is that you will have the capability to freely express your feelings while managing them effectively. Therefore, it is better to be aware of and acknowledge our feelings than to rebuff them.

Intellectual wellness

This dimension recognizes one's resourcefulness that simulate the mental activities. A well person has the ability to value logical growth and intellectuality by using the rational activities in and beyond the classroom in addition to the human and learning resources that are made available within and outside the source of knowledge, i.e. a university. For that reason, it is better to test your mind with intellectual and creative pursuits than to become proud and unproductive.

Spiritual wellness

The spiritual dimension recognizes your quest for a meaning in life and the purpose in human presence. This comprises the development of a deep appreciation for the vastness of life and the spiritual powers that are presumed to exist in the universe. The quest for life's meaning is characterized by a peaceful accord between the internal feelings and emotions through the jagged stretches of your life's pathway. As a result, it is better to live each day at a time in a way that is steady with your principles and beliefs rather than feeling untrue to yourself.

Physical wellness

This is where the need for regular physical activity is acknowledged. This dimension encourages knowing about proper diet and healthy nutrition while avoiding unclean substances like tobacco, drugs and over drinking alcohol.Ideal wellness is attained through good eating habits and keeping physically fit through exercises. Therefore, it is better to be physically fit while consuming good food to enhance good health rather than impairing it.

You need to know that each wellness dimension correlates well with the other. For that reason, they are all equally important in the quest for the finest health. You can reach the prime level of wellness by knowing how to maintain and enhance each dimension of wellness in your life as explained in this article.