What Is Systematic Kinesiology?

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You may have heard of kinesiology as a natural health care technique developed to aid healing through working on the body's muscles. But what is systematic kinesiology, and can it work for you?

What is systematic kinesiology?

Systematic kinesiology is a holistic therapy that allows the practitioner to find out more about your overall health by reading your body's bio-feedback system via muscle testing.

The muscle response changes in response to variable factors introduced by the practitioner, rather like a switch. The systematic kinesiologist then uses this information, together with the client's feedback, to work out a recovery plan. The muscle can then be re-tested at your future consultations and the plan adjusted accordingly.   

What will happen at your first kinesiology consultation?

The session will begin with a discussion about your current health. The kinesiologist will then ask you for details about your medical history and your lifestyle. Based on the information provided, your practitioner will begin by carrying out a number of muscle tests. 

Your arms, legs or head will be placed into specific positions by the kinesiologist who will then apply a gentle pressure to each muscle that is being tested. They are looking for any subtle imbalances, rather than assessing your physical strength. Through testing the muscles the practitioner will draw information and bio-feedback from your body. 

The body builds imbalances in a particular order. It therefore follows that kinesiology techniques must be applied in a certain direction in order to address those imbalances effectively. Muscle testing allows the practitioner to establish the order in which they will need to restore any imbalances. Generally, once the main imbalance is corrected any other problems will simultaneously resolve themselves.

Your recovery plan may involve some lifestyle changes, the application of relaxation techniques or meditation, and possibly the inclusion of some nutritional supplements in your diet.

How many consultations will you need?

Initially, you will probably need three to six consultations. After this you might need to have a couple of routine follow-ups during a twelve-month period. The speed of your recovery and the benefits you see will depend on how fully you have engaged with the plan suggested to you by your practitioner, and on your own particular physical problems.

Systematic kinesiology offers a natural health care solution to many physical problems through a drug-free regimen involving non-invasive gentle hands-on therapy. Have a chat with a kinesiologist at your local natural health care clinic like Ayira Pty Ltd for more information, and to see how you could benefit from this natural healing technique.